How to dress fashionably to become a good-looking man

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It is important to keep the following points in mind for fashion dressing techniques to become a good-looking man in the fall of 2023.


Be aware of your size


Wearing clothes in the right size for your body shape will give you a nice silhouette. For suits in particular, it is important to match the size of the jacket and pants. Adjust the jacket so that the shoulder width and sleeve length are perfect and the waist and hem width of the pants are not too wide.


Use of color


Autumn favors subdued hues. Use standard colors such as black, navy, and gray as a base color, and accent colors with shirts and ties.


Incorporate trends


Earth colors such as beige and brown are trendy this fall. Checks, stripes, and other patterns are also popular. Incorporate trends to enhance your fashionable impression.


Coordinating Suits and Ties that Attract Women's Attention


The following are examples of suit and tie coordination that attract women's attention.


Navy suit and striped tie


Navy suits are easy to use in both business and casual situations and are very popular with women. A striped tie goes well with the relaxed atmosphere of a navy suit.


Gray suit and check tie


 Gray suits give an intellectual and calm impression. A check tie adds an accent to the simple design of the gray suit.


Beige suit and plain tie


A beige suit gives an elegant and mature impression. A plain necktie adds a subtly stylish touch without detracting from the soft atmosphere of the beige suit.


The way the tie is tied is also an important point. The "plain knot" or "semi-Windsor knot," which is a common knot, is easy to match with any suit and will be popular with women.


To be a good-looking man, not only fashion but also cleanliness and behavior are important. By dressing well and taking care of your appearance, you will become a more attractive man.

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