Women's Fall 2023 Codes to Watch.

Hello. I am Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


I'd like to propose to Ikeoji a coordinated look for fall/winter 2023 that women will be looking out for.


1) How to match a navy solid color tie with a suit.


The impression of a navy solid color tie depends on the color of your suit. In general, the following combinations are recommended.


⚫️ Navy suit: Use a navy tie of a similar color to create a unified look, or use a neutral color such as gray or brown to create a calm atmosphere.


⚫️Gray suits: Use a navy tie to create a contrasting and glamorous look, or use shades of gray to create a gradation of elegance.


⚫️Brown suits: Use a navy tie for a clean look or warm colors such as brown and beige to create a warm atmosphere.


The color of the shirt is also important. Bright colors such as white and light blue are versatile and go well with any suit and tie. Darker colors such as black and navy blue need to be balanced by matching the tone of the suit and tie.


2) How to match a business T-shirt with a suit.


A business T-shirt is a T-shirt worn as a casual innerwear alternative to a collared shirt. The material and design have a sense of luxury and quality, and many are wrinkle-resistant and sweat stain-resistant.


Please note the following points when matching business T-shirts with suits.


Choose a plain or simple patterned T-shirt. Flashy patterns or logos are too casual and are not acceptable.


Basic colors such as white and black are safe for T-shirts, but you can also try pastel or deep colors to match the season and suit color.


T-shirts should be worn true to size or slightly tight. If it is too large, it will look sloppy.


Choose a T-shirt with a closed neck; V-necks and U-necks are too open and look casual.


T-shirts should be worn with the hem of the shirt tucked into the pants. If you leave it out, it will emphasize the T-shirt look.


These are the suggestions for coordinating the fall/winter 2023 season to attract women's attention. We hope you will use them as a reference to become a great looking guy.


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