About manners and fashion for good-looking men.

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A good-looking man is a man who is attractive even as he ages. Their attractiveness is not only expressed in their appearance, but also in their mannerisms and fashion.


Behaviors of an ikeoji that attract women's interest


Kind and considerate to women

Smart in the way he stands and behaves

Polite in his language

Has a nice smile

Passionate about his hobbies and work


These behaviors are what women look for in a man. Women like men who take care of themselves.


In addition, men with a stately bearing appear dependable and attractive. Furthermore, a man who uses polite language is sincere and likable.


And a man with a nice smile is fun to be with. Men who are passionate about their hobbies and work are lively and attractive.


Women are attracted to women because of the fashion of a good-looking man.


Are clean

They are the right size

They incorporate the latest trends

They choose what looks good on them


Women like men who are clean. Also, clothes that are not the right size make them look sloppy.


Clothes that incorporate the latest fashions look fashionable and give a good impression. Furthermore, clothes that are chosen to fit you will make you look confident and attractive.


To become a good-looking man, it is important to improve one's manners and fashion.


By being kind and considerate to women on a daily basis, and by keeping clean clothes in mind, you will be able to become a good-looking man who attracts the attention of women.


Below are some specific fashion tips.


Suits should fit snugly and be wrinkle-free.

Shirts should have a clean collar and ties should be neatly tied.

Shoes should be polished and clean.

Casual attire should be neatly ironed to maintain a clean look.

It is also important to choose fashions that suit you. Clothes that look good on you can be worn with confidence and make you look attractive.


Why don't you all polish your manners and fashion to become a good-looking man?


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