Attractiveness of seniors that young men do not have

Hello. I am Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


The charm of seniors that young men do not have is their experience and reserve. Their deep thinking and skillful way of dealing with people because of their work and life experience are attractive even to women.


Another attractive characteristic of seniors is their superiority over younger men in terms of physical strength and health.


We have compiled some advice on how to become an attractive, good-looking man from various aspects such as fashion, exercise, and lifestyle.




Dress in clean, comfortable clothes. Dressing in an age-appropriate, relaxed atmosphere will make a good impression on women. It is also important to choose clothes that suit your body shape.


Neckties are a key point in business situations.


A tie that allows you to express your individuality is the most powerful item for a good-looking man.


On casual occasions, wearing T-shirts and polo shirts in clean colors will make you look like a nice man.




A healthy body is essential for maintaining youthfulness. Make it a habit to exercise moderately. Find an exercise that suits you, such as strength training, jogging, or walking.


I enjoy playing tennis and trekking.




Try to lead a regular life and get enough sleep and nutrition. It is also important to avoid stress.


I try not to overeat and to keep my stomach at 7 to 8 portions.


I also try to eat as little carbohydrates as possible, as I mentioned in my previous blog.


This is why my body shape has not changed over the decades.


Furthermore, in order to make a good impression on women, I think it would be a good idea to keep the following points in mind


Be kind and considerate to women.

He lives a full life, devoting himself to his work and hobbies.

Have a sense of humor and enjoy good conversation


Polish up your senior charms that younger men don't have, and become an attractive, good-looking man.


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