Attract women with an ikeoji necktie.

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A good-looking man is a man who is sophisticated in appearance and inside in a way that is appropriate for his age.


One fashion item that can enhance the charm of such a good-looking man is a necktie.


A necktie is an item that gives a man's attire a more sophisticated impression.


They can also attract the attention of women, as they can give a variety of impressions depending on their color and pattern.


When choosing an ikeoji tie, keep the following points in mind


Choose subdued colors.

Choosing a tie in a subdued color such as black, navy or gray will give a mature impression. If you choose a bright color, a subdued pattern will give an elegant impression.


Use subdued patterns.

For tie patterns, choose subdued patterns such as stripes and dots, which are easy to use in business situations. If you choose a pattern, match it with the color of your shirt or suit for a cohesive look.


Choose a tie that is just the right size

The best tie length is just enough to cover the area above the belt buckle. The thickness should match the collar width of the suit for a balanced look.


Use a good-looking tie to attract women.


Specific coordination example:


Black suit and a striped tie in a subdued tone

The black suit is a classic item for both business and formal occasions. Match it with a striped tie in a subdued tone to create a glamorous and bright impression.


Navy suit and plain tie in the same color

A navy suit is an item that gives a calm impression. Matching a plain tie in the same color will give an elegant and fresh impression.


A gray suit and a checkered necktie


Gray suit and plaid tie

A gray suit is an item that gives an intelligent and relaxed impression. Matching it with a checkered tie gives a stylish and unique impression.


Enjoy your own personal style with an Ikeoji necktie.


Ikeoji neckties are items that not only attract the attention of women, but also enhance a man's attractiveness. Be sure to charm your lady with a stylish tie.

Original tie coordination
Original tie coordination

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