In order to maintain a suitable body shape.

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In order to maintain a figure that looks good in a suit and tie, it is important to review your daily lifestyle.


Here are some suggestions for your daily lifestyle habits to become a good-looking man.


1. eat a well-balanced diet


To maintain a suit-fitting body shape, you need to have adequate muscle mass and body fat percentage. To achieve this, it is important to consume a well-balanced diet of protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition, avoid excessive intake of fat and sugar.


2. make moderate exercise a habit


Moderate exercise is necessary to increase muscle mass. Try to do an hour of exercise every day, such as walking, jogging, or muscle training, that can be continued without strain.


3. be aware of correct posture


Poor posture causes a protruding stomach and rounded shoulders, and makes a suit unflattering. Be aware of correct posture on a daily basis and walk with a straight back.


4. maintain a sense of cleanliness


Cleanliness is also important to look good in a suit. Keep your hair and beard trimmed and your skin clean. Also, have your suit cleaned regularly.


By continuing these lifestyle habits on a daily basis, you will be able to maintain a suit-fitting figure.


It will also lead to a healthy body, which will not only make you a good-looking man, but also help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Specific benefits include


Increased muscle mass and a hollow stomach

Body fat percentage will decrease, giving you a more well-rounded figure

Better posture and a more flattering suit

A cleaner, more attractive appearance


Of course, it may be difficult to change your daily lifestyle immediately. Let's start with a reasonable range and gradually expand the scope of your efforts to become a great-looking man.



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