Elevate your outfit with a tie for fall/winter 2023.

Hello. I am Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


An indispensable item for fall and winter outfits is the necktie.


Just by adding a tie, you can give a much tighter impression not only in business situations but also in casual wear.


 In this issue, we will introduce recommended necktie outfits for the fall and winter of 2023. 1.


1. use color to create a sense of the season

For fall and winter, ties with subdued colors are recommended. Standard colors such as navy, gray, and brown are easy to match with any outfit and give an elegant impression.


Also popular this year are ties in warm colors such as orange and yellow. They give a bright impression that will make you feel the cold of fall and winter. 2.


2. add a touch of individuality with a pattern

Adding a patterned tie to a simple outfit will instantly make your coordination more colorful.


Checked and striped patterns are standard patterns that are easy to use in business situations. We also recommend choosing a tie with a unique pattern, such as a paisley or dot pattern. 3.


3. creating a sense of quality through the material

Ties made of luxurious materials such as silk or wool give an elegant impression. Ties made of natural materials such as cashmere and linen are also recommended for fall and winter because they are warm and comfortable to the touch.


4.Tie your tie in a knot to create a sophisticated look.

Just by tying your tie in a different way, you can create a sophisticated coordinated look.


For example, tying a tie a little looser than usual or tying the knot higher than usual will give a more casual impression. 5.


5. balance the overall coordination

It is important to balance the color, pattern and material of the tie with the overall coordination.


For example, matching the color of the tie with the shirt and jacket will create a sense of unity. Also, if the pattern of the tie is linked to the color and pattern of the shirt or jacket, it will give a more sophisticated impression.


In the fall and winter of 2023, please make the most of neckties and enjoy fashion every day with the aim of becoming a good-looking man by dressing stylishly.

Original tie coordination
Original tie coordination

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