Fashion and mannerisms to be a great senior man

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As senior men, more and more of us may start to pay more attention to our fashion and behavior.


If you look and act young and confident, you will make a good impression on those around you and make your life more fulfilling.


So, here are some tips on fashion and behavior to become a great senior man.



The basic principle of senior men's fashion is to be clean and dignified. Choose a size that fits your body shape and wear clothes that are wrinkle and stain free. In addition, colors and patterns should be simple and subdued.


As for specific items, we recommend utilizing items that give a proper impression, such as neckties and jackets. Also, dressing in traditional Japanese attire such as suits and kimonos can give the impression of a nice senior man.


Good manners

It is said that one's manners reflect one's inner beauty. As a senior man, paying attention not only to your appearance but also to your manners will make you more attractive.


Specific points to consider include the following


Correct posture

Walk with a straight back and light gait.

When conversing, look the other person in the eye and speak clearly.

When eating, observe good manners.

It is also important to always keep a smile on your face and maintain a cheerful atmosphere.


To become a wonderful senior man, it is important not only to be conscious of your fashion and manners, but also to improve your inner beauty. By being yourself and spending your time confidently, you will be more likeable to those around you and lead a fulfilling senior life.

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