Senior Men's Tips for Dressing Fashionably in 2024

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As people reach their 40s and beyond, their attitudes toward fashion change along with their body shape and lifestyle.


However, it is precisely because we are getting older that we want to enjoy fashion that makes the most of our adult appeal.


Here are some tips for senior men to find their own unique style in 2024, from the viewpoint of fashion professionals.


1. dress according to TPO

For senior men, dressing for TPO is of utmost importance. In business situations, a suit and tie is the basic style. However, in recent years, business casual has become widespread, and flexible styles have been introduced, such as wearing a jacket and slacks with a business T-shirt.


2. maintain a healthy body shape

No matter what clothes you wear, it will be ruined if you are out of shape. Maintaining a healthy body shape is the basis of fashion. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet. 3.


3. find a style that suits you

It is more important to find a style that suits you than to follow trends. By choosing clothes that suit your body shape, face, and lifestyle, you will look more attractive.


4. create individuality with accessories

It is also recommended to create individuality with accessories such as ties, watches, and shoes. Accessories made of high quality materials will enhance the overall impression.


5. use the advice of an expert

If you are unsure of what style suits you best, it is effective to consult a fashion consultant or other expert. You may discover something new by taking professional advice.


Sustainable" will continue to be the keyword for trends in 2024. Clothing made with environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods will be the focus. Clothing that combines functionality and design will also be popular.


Fashion is not age-related; in 2024, use the above tips to find a style that suits you and enjoy fashion.

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