Business T-Shirts for Adults Who Want to Wear Them

Hello, I am Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo. I am Lazio, an original tie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


More and more good-looking men want to wear T-shirts in business situations as well. More and more good-looking males are wearing T-shirts. However, they require a different way of dressing than the younger generation. Therefore, as a long-time fashion expert, I would like to share with you some tips on business T-shirts that seniors will want to purchase.


1. material and silhouette

When choosing a T-shirt for business, pay attention to the material and silhouette.

Material: 100% cotton feels good against the skin and is comfortable for seniors.

Silhouette: Choose a slightly loose silhouette rather than a true-to-size silhouette. It will not pick up too much of your curves and give you a more mature look. 2.


2. color and design

Color: Basic colors such as white and gray are recommended. Navy and beige are also easy colors to use.

Design: Choose simple designs such as solid colors, one-pointed designs, or logos. Avoid flashy patterns and prints.



3. how to dress

Suits are recommended to be loose-fitting these days. Choose simple suits in navy, gray, etc.

Bottoms: Choose business casual bottoms such as chinos, slacks, or jeans.

Shoes: Leather shoes, loafers, deck shoes, etc., that are not too casual.

Accessories: Add a watch, belt, bracelet, or other accessory that adds a point of interest to your outfit.


High-quality T-shirts suitable for adults


High-quality materials, sophisticated design, and a mature look.


By keeping these points in mind, T-shirts can be stylishly incorporated into the business scene.


T-shirts for business use are items that express the playful spirit and attention to detail of an adult man. We hope you will find your own style by referring to this page.


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