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Navy is an essential color for a man's wardrobe. It is a versatile color that matches any occasion and gives the impression of a sophisticated adult.


In this issue, as a fashion coordinator, I will teach you the secrets of navy coordination. Let's pursue a higher grade of dressing with a suit, tie, and business T-shirt at the core.


The suit


The navy suit is a staple of the business scene. Depending on how you choose and dress, you can bring out the best in yourself.


1. materials and shades

Use plain colors, stripes, checks, and other patterns sparingly.

Wool, cashmere, and flannel are recommended.

Shades such as dark blue, navy gray, and charcoal gray should be chosen according to the occasion. 2.


2. just the right size for a stylish look

Select the size that fits you best in terms of shoulder width, sleeve length, and length of the garment.

A slim silhouette gives a smart impression. 3.


3. use a tie to express your individuality

A navy suit can be matched with a tie in a variety of colors.

Light blue, navy, gray, and brown are the standard colors.

Stripes, dots, patterns, and other designs are also available. 4.


Shoes and belts should be black


Shoes and belts should be black to create a relaxed atmosphere.

For leather shoes, business shoes and loafers are recommended.

Recently, sneakers are also recommended for casual suits.





Neckties are an important accent of the suit style. What kind of tie should be worn with a navy suit?


1. navy x navy for a sophisticated impression

Combining the tie and suit in a similar color scheme creates a sophisticated impression.

Change the material or pattern to create depth. 2.


2. accent colors to create individuality

Use bright colors such as red, orange and green as an accent color.

Add a playful touch by using a tie with a pattern or material.



Business T-shirts


In recent years, T-shirts have become a trend in the business world.


Business T-shirts are ideal for adult casual wear.


1. material and design

Choose high-quality materials such as cotton and linen.

Choose a basic plain and simple design.


2.Add a jacket or cardigan for a more mature look

 A T-shirt alone is too casual, so a jacket or cardigan should be worn.

Match with elegant bottoms such as chinos or slacks.


3.Balance with shoes and accessories

Select shoes appropriate for business occasions, such as leather shoes, loafers, and sneakers.

Balance the overall look with accessories such as belts, watches, and bags.


Navy coordination is an indispensable ironclad style for a man's wardrobe. Find your own ultimate coordination by referring to the points introduced in this article.


Navy goes well with other colors. You can also enjoy a more unique look by adding a playful touch with accessories and shoes.


Master navy-based coordination to become a great-looking guy who is always on the cutting edge of the times.

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