A Journey to Spring and Sensibility

Hello. I am Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Vivid colors that herald the arrival of spring


The sun's rays are getting warmer by the day, and it is now the season to feel the arrival of spring.


In the midst of all this, I made a trip to Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture.


I was dressed casually, wearing thick denim, a sneaker, a white sweater with a navy scarf, and a light green sweater to avoid the sun.


I wore a light gray cap and a navy blue P-coat to avoid the sun, and my purpose was to admire the Kawazu cherry blossoms, which are famous for their early blooming.


About 800 Kawazu cherry trees were in full bloom along the Kawazu River, spreading out in a world of vivid pink, and their beauty was so breathtaking that I was left speechless.


It was a wonderful sight, as if the cherry blossoms, brimming with vitality, had overcome the cold of winter and were strongly heralding the arrival of spring.


Ikeoji's Lifestyle of Enjoying Kawazu Cherry Blossoms


Kawazu-zakura are early-blooming cherry trees, which means that their blossoms can be enjoyed for a long period of time.


I stayed at an onsen ryokan (hot spring inn) just in time for the Kawazu cherry blossoms to bloom, allowing me to spend some time relaxing and unwinding from the daily grind.


Although my lodgings this time were a little further away from the Kawazu cherry blossom area, next time I have the opportunity to visit, I would like to stay nearby and enjoy the luxury of soaking in a hot spring bath and feeling the beauty of nature.


Reading a book or listening to music while admiring the Kawazu cherry blossoms would also be a good way to spend time.


Surely, time spent in peace and quiet, surrounded by the fragrance of cherry blossoms, will make you forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.


A Trip to Refine Your Sensibility


A trip to Kawazu-zakura is not just a sightseeing trip, but also a trip to improve your sensibility.


Traveling is not just a mere transportation, but an important time that enriches your life.


Through this trip to Kawazu-zakura, I was reminded of the importance of valuing one's own sensibilities.


A Trip to Feel the Seasons


There are trips that can be enjoyed in each season: cherry blossoms in spring, sea bathing in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and hot springs in winter. Experiencing a variety of travel experiences while experiencing the changing of the seasons enriches one's life.


The Kawazu-zakura trip was an unforgettable experience for me, and I hope to visit again next year when the Kawazu-zakura are in bloom.


Kawazu-zakura are beautiful early-blooming cherry trees.


Why not go on a trip to improve your sensibility while enjoying the Kawazu cherry blossoms and getting dressed up in an Ikeoji style lifestyle?

Spring Coordination
Spring Coordination

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