2024How to Use Ties for Fun in Spring

Hello, I'm Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo. We are Lazio, an original necktie maker in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Why not make a difference with your tie in the spring of 2024?


Spring 2024 is the perfect time to show off your individuality with a necktie. With navy, solids, stripes, paisleys, and other designs, seniors can also enjoy good-looking fashion.



Navy: Update a classic


Navy ties are a staple item that can be worn with any suit, but for spring 2024, add a more sophisticated look by incorporating shiny materials and stripes. For seniors, how about a regimental stripe for a calm atmosphere?



Solid: Simple is Best


A solid tie is a solid color tie. For spring 2024, a brighter color will give a spring-like lightness to the tie. For good-looking men, we recommend bright saxophones and blues.



Stripes: Add a playful touch


Striped ties are a classic item with a variety of designs, and for spring 2024, choose thicker stripes and bright colors for a trendy look. For seniors, regimental stripes in subdued shades are recommended.



Paisley: Individuality and style.


Paisley-patterned ties are a great choice for those who want to make a unique impression; for spring 2024, choose a lighter color or a small pattern to create a light, spring-like look. For the good-looking man, a large paisley pattern is recommended.



Be particular about how you tie your tie.


The way you tie your tie is another important aspect of fashion, and for spring 2024, in addition to the standard plain knot, try the Windsor or semi-Windsor knot. For seniors, we recommend the plain knot with a smaller knot.


For spring 2024, we encourage you to express your personal style with your ties. Find your own unique style by incorporating a variety of designs and knotting styles, and always aim to be a great dandy and handsome guy.


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