Business T-Shirt Styles for the Summer of 2024, Worn by Good-looking Uncles

Hello, I am Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Summer business scenes are a battle against the heat. However, in the pursuit of comfort, you don't want to look sloppy. So, for the summer of 2024, I would like to suggest business T-shirt styles that can be worn by good-looking men for different situations.


When worn with a suit or jacket


Key point: Clean and mature


T-shirts: Plain and low-shine


Suit/Jacket: Choose a wrinkle-free suit or jacket that matches the color and material of the T-shirt.


Bottoms: Slacks, chinos, etc,


Shoes: Leather shoes or loafers for formal wear


Recommended Coordinates: * Plain white T-shirt + Navy pants


    * Plain white T-shirt + navy suit + gray slacks + leather shoes


    * Gray T-shirt + Beige jacket + Beige chinos + Loafers


In case of no jacket and pants only


Point: Be careful not to be too casual


T-shirt: Polo shirt or button-down shirt with a collar


Bottoms: Slacks, chinos, etc.


Shoes: Loafers or sneakers, but not too casual


Accessories: Add a belt or a hat to accentuate the fashionable look


Recommended Coordinates: * Navy Polo Shirt + Gray Polo Shirt


    * Navy polo shirt + Gray slacks + Loafers


    * White button-down shirt + beige chinos + sneakers


Other advice for different occasions


Sales: Wear a jacket in addition to the above


Desk job: T-shirt + denim or other relaxed attire is acceptable, but avoid flashy colors and patterns.


Lunch with clients: Smart casual attire such as T-shirt + jacket + slacks is recommended.


T-shirts can be worn in summer business attire. By coordinating T-shirts according to the occasion and the type of T-shirt, you can create a good-looking business style. Please use these tips to find your own style.



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