The Best Days to Fly Fishing and Travel to the Fullest

Hello. I am Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.
To all of you who are refining your sensibilities on a daily basis.
How about a trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city to refresh and refine your senses in nature?
In this issue, we propose the most wonderful way to spend your days, combining fly-fishing and traveling.
1. prepare your fashion and accessories and set out on your trip
First, prepare fashion and accessories appropriate for the natural environment of your destination. Choose items that are both practical and fashionable, such as comfortable clothing, a water-repellent jacket, a special hat for fishing, and polarized glasses.
A compact-sized tote bag is also useful for short breaks.
By keeping a drink, cell phone, or favorite book in it, you can spend a relaxing time in nature.
I have been enjoying fishing with fly-fishing for a long time, and since this fishing originated in the UK, I often go out in a hunting cap and oil coat.
2. enjoy fly fishing in beautiful natural surroundings
Enjoy fly fishing to your heart's content while gazing at majestic mountains and clear streams. By experiencing the feeling of being one with nature, you can relieve daily stress and cultivate a rich sensibility. I also recommend that you taste the fish you catch, either grilled or fried, right there on the spot.
As a game fisherman, I try to catch and release fish, and I use a hook without a return so as not to put too much stress on the fish. 3.
3. interact with people you meet on your travels and gain inspiration
When you are on a trip, don't forget to interact with the locals and other anglers. You can exchange information about fishing and learn about the culture and history of the area, which will help you discover new things and gain inspiration. 4.
4. sublimate travel memories into fashion pieces
I cherish the beauty of nature and memories of my travels so that I can use the inspiration I gain from my travels in my fashion creations.
Some of them are very useful for designing neckties and scarves, and for creating new ones.
5. enjoy hot springs and gourmet food to recover from the fatigue of traveling
After a long day of fishing and sightseeing, you can relax and unwind from your trip by enjoying hot springs and local gastronomy. Relaxing in an extraordinary space will refresh your body and mind.
I also spend a day relaxing at my favorite hot spring resort with fishing and reading my favorite book.
Combining fly fishing and traveling is one of my hobbies, which is very essential for me to hone new perspectives and sensibilities as a fashion creator.
It is important to have time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in nature to refresh and reflect on oneself.
We hope that our suggestions will give you some hints on how to spend the most wonderful days of your life.
Let's spend a wonderful senior life together.
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