Good-looking Fashion for a Stylish and Comfortable Summer

Hello. This is Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.


As we begin to feel the arrival of summer, we want to shift our fashion to cool and comfortable items. Especially for the good-looking generation, we want to attract people around us by dressing in a way that makes the most of our age-old charm.


In this issue, we will introduce the selection of summer fashion items, points that good-looking older adults should pay attention to on a daily basis, and suggestions on how to spend a wonderful time.




1. selecting summer fashion items




* Choose items with excellent breathability and moisture absorbency, such as dry or linen fabrics.


* Basic colors such as white and gray are recommended, as well as adding a splash of color.


* Choose the right size to give a smart impression.





* Choose sunglasses with UV blocking function.


* Choose frames that fit the shape of your face.


* Standard brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley are also recommended.





* Choose one with high light-shielding properties.


* Choose one that is lightweight and easy to carry.


* A foldable parasol is convenient to keep in your bag at all times.





* Choose a straw hat or cap with good ventilation.


* Choose one that fits the shape of your face.


* Wide-brimmed hats block the sun's rays well.





* Choose sandals appropriate for the occasion, such as leather sandals or sports sandals.


* Choose the right size for your feet.


* Functional sandals will not tire you out after a long day's walk.






* Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


* Choose a waterproof type, which is resistant to sweat and water.


* It is important to reapply frequently.


Ultraviolet rays


 * In addition to sunscreen, block ultraviolet rays with a parasol or hat.


* Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time when outdoors.


* Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. 2.




2. daily precautions to be taken by good-looking people


 * Wear clean clothes.


* Choose clothes that fit your body size.


* Keep skin exposure to a minimum.


* Wear accessories casually.


* Walk with good posture. 3.




3. suggestions for a nice way to spend your days


* Enjoy reading a book at a café.


* Take a walk in the park.


Go to a museum or art gallery * Go to the movies * Go to the movies * Go to the movies * Go to the movies * Go to the movies


* Go to the movies.


* Go on a trip.


Summer is the perfect time to try something new. We hope you have a wonderful summer.




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