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Hello. This is Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Father's Day is coming soon.


Our e-commerce site, “Original Fashion Ko Selection Designs LAZIO,” offers a limited quantity of carefully selected products such as business T-shirts, indigo-dyed tote bags, neckties, and more. We strive to create pieces that incorporate traditional Japanese lifestyles, and offer items in elegant colors that will never get old.


Why not give your father a business T-shirt, indigo-dyed tote bag, or necktie as a token of your appreciation?


My products offer a fusion of Japanese tradition and modern design.


Business T-shirts

Available in white, light gray, and light beige

A piece that can be worn casually at work

Price: ¥6,800 - ¥13,200



Indigo-dyed tote bag

The natural indigo-dyed texture is appealing.

Convenient size for commuting to work or going out

Price: ¥33,000



Nishijin brocade natural material original neckties

Goes well with navy, navy blue, and gray suits

Elegant design, perfect as a Father's Day gift

Price: ¥13,200



The tie item gives a plain and sophisticated impression even from a distance. Imagine your father looking young and confident!


Fathers are more youthful and boyish at heart than you may think, and many of them are wonderful men.


Why not consider a thoughtful item for such a father?


Father's Day
Father's Day

Lazio in original fashion

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