Dashing in early summer!

A good-looking ogee style with an adult's playful spirit! High-quality business T-shirts that look great with suits and jackets


Hello. This is Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Dear seniors, the rainy season has been delayed this year, but the arrival of early summer is already approaching.


It is the season when we want to wear light clothes along with the fresh breeze.


Therefore, we would like to propose you a high quality business T-shirt in three colors that looks great with suits and jackets.


The basic colors of white, light gray, and light beige will give you a sophisticated and mature atmosphere, regardless of the items you choose to match.


In addition, the material used is high quality cotton for a comfortable feel and fit.


This is a business T-shirt of a higher rank that we can confidently recommend to seniors.




One sophisticated point: neck design


The T-shirt features a neck design with a high back collar.


This gives the neckline a moderate sense of comfort and makes the face look sharper.


In addition, the neckline is designed with a higher back collar than the front collar to reduce sweat stains on suits and jackets.



Elegant silhouette: Strictly designed body line


The body line is neither too loose nor too tight.


It does not lean even when worn under a suit or jacket.


Furthermore, the shoulder width and sleeve length have been carefully selected to create a silhouette that is easy for seniors to wear. 



Three-color lineup for a variety of coordinates


The T-shirts are available in three colors: white, light gray, and light beige.


All colors go well with suits and jackets.


White is refreshing, light gray is elegant, and light beige gives a calm impression.


Choose your favorite color according to your mood or occasion.



Proposal of a good-looking ogee style that colors the early summer


This is a versatile item that can be worn with a suit or jacket, not only on business occasions, but also on off-duty days.


For example, wear a white T-shirt with a suit and remove the tie for a cool business casual style.


Match a jacket with a light gray T-shirt and chinos for an adult holiday look.


The light beige T-shirt can be worn alone or with denim for a stylish look.


We invite you to try these high-quality business T-shirts that bring out the best of your individuality and charm as a senior citizen.



Let's enjoy early summer in a dashing and free, good-looking ogee style that incorporates the playful spirit of adults!



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