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Hello. I am Lazio, an original goods production company in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Today I would like to talk about one of my hobbies, fly fishing.


About Oku-Nikko Yukawa River, which I visit every year.


The Yukawa River is a beautiful mountain stream in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. With Yunoko as its source, it flows slowly through Yutaki and Ryuzu Falls to join Jigokusawa, and then south to Lake Chuzenji for a stretch of 11.2 km. This place is also called the "holy land" of fly fishing in Japan.


The Yukawa River is also the site where the British merchant Thomas Glover first released brook trout (pike) and introduced the British style of fishing at the shore of Lake Chuzenji, where ambassadors of various countries had summer homes when Japan was first opened to the outside world.


Later, brook trout caught in the Yugawa River became native to the area, marking the start of the history of fly fishing in Japan.


The entire Yukawa River is designated as catch-and-release, and some sections are closed to fishing year-round. For fly fishing enthusiasts, this is the perfect place to catch quietly rising trout in a beautiful natural setting.


Now, let's consider the fashion.


Fishing in the Yukawa River is generally done in a style that is in harmony with nature. By choosing comfortable clothing, wading boots, hats, and sunglasses, you can enjoy fashion as part of your fishing experience.


Fishing in nature is a wonderful opportunity to express your own style along with the pleasant scenery.


I also have a hunting hat with an English-style steal, which is a must-have item.


A compact tote bag for carrying small items is also indispensable for a trip.


Why don't you enjoy your hobby to the fullest with your own special items?



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