Advice on Wearing Business T-Shirts

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The style of wearing a T-shirt with a business suit has become a trend for all ages.


However, there are many occasions when a modest attire is appropriate for seniors.


In such cases, we recommend choosing a plain, high-quality T-shirt and enjoying the sophistication of a jacket style.




1. choose a simple design

When wearing a T-shirt for business occasions, choose a simple and elegant design. Plain or fine patterns are suitable.



2. Consider matching the T-shirt with a jacket

When wearing a T-shirt with a jacket, choose a T-shirt that matches the color and material of the jacket.


Wearing a T-shirt over a jacket can create a stylish impression while keeping it less casual.




3. Pay attention to the size of the T-shirt

Ideally, the T-shirt should fit true to size. Choose a size that is neither too big nor too thin, but fits your body well.




4. material of business T-shirts

Natural fiber T-shirts are suitable for business occasions. Choosing a thicker material will keep you looking elegant without looking like underwear.




5. choose the neck shape

Crew necks (round necks) and V-necks are recommended for business T-shirts. They are simple and can be worn without discomfort.


We hope this advice will help senior men wear business T-shirts in a great way.


With LAZIO's business T-shirts, you can upgrade your business style with careful sewing and gentlemanly designs. By incorporating a superb product born from years of trust and attention to detail, you will be able to add depth to your outfits.


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